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Covid-19 has changed how we operate massively. Our office doors have shut and our small team are operating from their bubbles as we move through this uncertain time. We plan to continue printing to schedule, with our next issue due in June but as our advertisers have closed for the duration of New Zealand's lock down period, we need your support now more than ever.


To provide you with an insight into our business, advertising covers 95% of the cost of printing our magazine, with subscription income covering the remaining 5%. We rely on retail sales to pay contributors and our own wages. Our biggest retailers, by far, are book stores. As they aren't deemed essential services, for now we're missing out on the bulk of our sales. Much like us, our advertisers need to sell their products to keep themselves afloat. As bike shops aren't deemed an essential service, our advertisers can't sell product, meaning they can't help create our magazine.


This is where you can help. Donations will help keep us afloat through these trying times, and hopefully open up the funds to print our next issue. Supporting us will grant you access to an exclusive supporter-only Facebook group where you can interact with our team and other supporters, giving you a digital community to talk all things bikes with. You'll also have the ability to offer your input on content ideas. Throughout our lock down period, we also plan to provide as much content as we can digitally. From stories from past issues, to reviews of products we can still test, our team will continue to work remotely from their homes to provide you with content.


Please only support us if you have the funds to do so, times are tough for everyone at the moment and we want to make sure you take care of yourself, before you help us.


Thanks for your support!

Liam & the NZCJ Team

We are a business, and therefore supporting us is not tax-deductible. Please note that by supporting us, you ARE NOT subscribing to receive physical copies of NZ Cycling Journal, you are simply supporting what we do and will gain access to our exclusive Facebook group with supporter-only digital content and giveaways.

You can click on the below image to access the online version of the magazine. We will email your login details.

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