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Dirty Detours Event Terms and Conditions 2022


Your safety and wellbeing being is paramount. There are many precautions that we take to ensure your ride is a safe one, but remember: the entire course takes place on public roads which are always open. Entrants must accept and comply with all Dirty Detours 2022 Terms and Conditions:

  1. Acceptance of Conditions

    1. I acknowledge that all roads remain open for this event and that road rules always apply during this event.

    2. I acknowledge and accept that participating in Dirty Detours involves the risk of injury, illness and in extreme cases, loss of life. I accept all risks involved in taking part in this event.

    3. I accept that it is my responsibility to contact the event organisers should any information on my entry form need to be updated e.g. emergency contact details.

    4. I accept that certain incidents may take place including, but not limited to: a storm, volcanic eruption, earthquake, flood, landslide, major road accident etc. In the event of an emergency, I agree to follow the instructions of event staff.

    5. I recognise that key hazards and risks of the event include, but are not limited to: vehicles, other riders, my bicycle, my own riding, spectators, road surface, track surfaces, weather, poor physical preparation, improper protective gear, hypothermia and heat stroke.

  1. Expected Behaviour

    1. There is to be no littering on any part of the Dirty Detours event. I am to dispose of all rubbish responsibly, at an appropriate place or bin.

    2. It is expected that I, as an entrant, will show respect towards all event officials and other road users.

    3. I must be drug and alcohol free whilst taking part in this event. 

  1. Safety

    1. I agree to abide by the NZ Road Code. When on the road, I will stay to the left of the centre line and ride towards the far-left side of the road. I understand that I do not have right of way over other traffic. When my slow speed impairs traffic, I will as soon as practicable move as far left as possible to allow following traffic to pass.

    2. I will ride carefully and with due regard to the safety of other cyclists and other road users. I will ride single file where there are double lines, keep a safe distance between riders, move off the road before dismounting and use clear hand signals. When walking the bike, I will keep well off the road and walk in single file.

    3. I understand that briefings, signage, and course marshals are a service to me but are not a guarantee of safety.

    4. I accept that despite the best efforts of the organisers to make the event as safe as they can, the organisers cannot control everything.

    5. I will not use a personal music system whilst riding, e.g. iPod, or a radio communication device, including a cellular phone.

    6. I agree to notify the organisers if withdrawing from the event for any reason either prior to or during the event.

    7. I acknowledge that although the event has medical personnel and resources at various points along the course, there will be a delay in the medical assistance reaching me due to the remoteness of the course. I agree to allow medical staff to treat me as they see fit.

    8. I acknowledge there will be photography and support vehicles on the course and that I should exercise precaution while these vehicles are conducting their responsibilities (slow vehicle, passing vehicle, stationed vehicle)

    9. I acknowledge the organisers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event should access to the event or sufficient portions of the course be deemed too dangerous due to severe adverse weather conditions. In the event Dirty Detours is cancelled due to extreme weather, natural disaster or any other condition beyond the control of the organiser, I understand that my entry fee will not be refunded.

    10. I acknowledge the Dirty Detours course is of mixed terrain, road surface, gravel, and that I should ride to the conditions. Failing to do so could result in injury or death.

  1. Media Permissions

    1. I give permission to the organisers, its affiliates, designees and assignees, the right and permission to photograph, film, record and/or otherwise capture in any media the name, image, voice, written statement, photograph and/or visual likeness of me and/or my family members (collectively “images”), with right to sublicense, during the activities or otherwise, without compensation, for use for any purpose in any media throughout the world in perpetuity, including but not limited to, use in broadcasts, photographs, publications, podcasts, webcasts, motion pictures, brochures, CDs, DVDs, internet websites, social media platforms, television, and/or in any related commercial, informational, educational, advertising, or promotional materials.

    2. I understand that all ownership and copyright rights in the images shall be owned by the organiser and I waive any inspection or approval rights.

    3. I acknowledge and agree that my name, bib number and race results will be available to the public during and after the Event.

  1. Preparation and Training

    1. I accept that it is my responsibility to ensure that I have adequately prepared myself physically for this event. I must note any medical conditions on the back of my event bib and take any necessary medication with me. I will seek medical advice if I have any health issues or doubts about my health.

    2. I accept that it is my responsibility to ensure my bicycle, helmet and any other equipment used in the event are in road-worthy condition. My helmet must always be worn.

  1. Legal Issues

    1. The waiver I sign as a condition of entry does not cover personal liability of participants for collisions caused by myself or another rider.

    2. If I am involved in an accident I will not seek to blame or make a claim against the organisers or assist anyone else in making a claim.

    3. I will release the organisers, their officers, volunteers, employees, sponsors or any party associated with the event of any liability, financial or otherwise, for any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained from any intended or actual participation in this event or its related activities.

  1. Disqualification from the Event

    1. Any entrant who, in the opinion of the organisers, fails to comply with the event terms and conditions and is seen to be breaking the NZ road rules at any time, may be disqualified from the event. 

    2. Disqualification will result in the offender’s name being completely removed from the event database, including from the prize draw, and may result in a refusal, by the event organisers, to accept entry to future Dirty Detours events. No refund will be granted.

  1. Event Information

    1. You can ride any type of bicycle, although we recommend a gravel bike or mountain bike. The ultimate setup is probably a disc brake-equipped gravel bike with fast-rolling, tubeless 35mm (or bigger) clincher tyres. Be prepared with at least two extra tubes, a multi-tool and mini-pump and anything else that may be required to make yourself self-sufficient (such as a chain link etc).

    2. We will be riding in a wet season so rain may be expected. Be prepared with a rain shell and the basics—ideally arm/leg warmers too—just in case wet/cold weather rolls in.

    3. The event organisers publish several documents, which are available on the event website. The organisers will make every effort to ensure that each entrant receives all relevant information but does not guarantee that each individual will receive all relevant information. 

    4. All ticket sales are final. No refunds will be granted except at the discretion of the event organiser.

    5. It is each entrants’ responsibility to be informed and read all information made available.

    6. Dirty Detours collects and stores entrants’ details including postal address, email address and phone number. Entrants agree that these may be used to contact them regarding the event.

    7. All entrants understand and accept that their details will be added to the organiser’s event database and they may be contacted from time to time in regards to upcoming events and promotions.

    8. There will be a feed zone on course to buy food, but smart riders will bring at least two water bottles and their favourite nutritional supplies.

    9. A complimentary free beer will be available at the finish line, for over 18s. Entrants understand that no one under 18 will be served and they may be asked for ID.


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