We've guided you through Whangamomona twice now, taking you on two routes that showcase our favourite riding in the area and the best scenery. We taken the lead, and this year we think it's your turn. We think it's time to truly test you, to put all that you've learnt from our flagship events and pop up rides to use.

For 2021, we'll taking you into Port Waikato and really putting you to the test. This year you'll be riding a 150km self-guided course. That's right, self-guided. We won't be giving you much this year - no start time, no marshalls, no course markings, nothing. We'll send you the route GPX a few days before the ride, and will also provide course notes for those of you up to braving the ride without a computer. At our start line, you'll check in and record your start time before embarking on your adventure. On your return, it's up to you to check back in and receive your unofficial time. The only rules? You must complete the ride unsupported, and you need to reach the finish line before our cut-off time.

What do we bring, you ask? Well, years of exploring to uncover these incredible routes, a rad little pit stop on course, and in true Dirty Detours fashion, one hell of an after-party. 

Our goal is to push your limits, and make sure you have a hell of a time whilst your at it. Consider this years event a stepping stone into embarking on your own epic adventures. Not sure you'll be able to match the after party, but that's just all the more reason to come back next year!

Dirty Detours: Port Waikato
**EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - use the code 'ddearlybird' before 24th December and save $50 on your ticket**
27 Mar, 8:00 am – 28 Mar, 3:00 pm
Nikau Cave & Cafe,
1770 Waikaretu Valley Road, Waikaretu 2695, New Zealand