Bontrager Circuit Helmet

Bontrager’s latest helmet prides itself on its lean profile and air flow.

I have been testing this product since the start of winter and I can testify that it is airy. With most helmets coming in black, I particularly like the colour variation. My helmet design is a gravel grey to match the terrain I’ve been tackling lately. Not the most visible colour way, yet who cares when you only have a few stray sheep and the odd tractor to dodge.

Saying that, the helmet features two portals which helmet lights (front and back) can be easily attached to. These are called Blendr Magnetic mounts, which easily integrate lights. It fits any of the Bontrager ION headlights or a GoPro camera. There’s a mount for the back of the helmet to attach a Bontrager Flare R or RT rear light. The magnetic mounts are brilliant and it eliminates dealing with mounting straps. And, adding to safety it has reflective stripes at the back.


The design is particularly sleek and I think, harks back to the old school leather helmet design.  A nod to our past and a touch of vintage. This Bontrager design features MIPPS and is super comfy - easy to fit and simple to adjust. Sadly in New Zealand, we are a little out of sync with the seasons when new products are launched. This helmet will be a fabulous summer helmet, yet holds its own in the winter with my cap underneath. The simple BOA ® systems lets you adjust the fit easily and can be done on-the-fly.


My only criticism is that it doesn’t easily fit my sunglasses on top. They are able to be placed into the vents yet feel unstable. I know, who needs sunnies when it’s 9 degrees and rainy?  We live in hope! Should you happen to crash within the first year of owning the helmet, it comes with a Crash Replacement Guarantee. Bontrager will provide a free helmet replacement. Hopefully you won’t need to use this!

Distributor: Trek NZ / RRP: $249.95

Words & Images: Philippa Friary & Cameron Mackenzie/Bryan Yates

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