Lazer Bullet Helmet

The Lazer Bullet is a well-designed lid. As the name suggests, speed is the name of the game. However, the helmet also provides an all-in-one solution for hot weather and climbing with Lazer's patented Airslide system. So, can this lid give the best of both worlds?

Well, fitting it on top of my noggin’ the overall comfort felt good. It sits secure and snug around the head rather than perching on top of it. Dialling in the retention was simple with the large dial which meant easy adjustment on the fly. I didn’t have any pressure points during my longer days in the saddle.

Pedalling in the warmer autumn days I was surprised by how much opening and closing the vent alters air flow. However, they are sizeable vents so there’s plenty of space for the air to get in. Assisting the flow are two larger vents on the side of the helmet that run from top to bottom. I can imagine the airflow would be super helpful during the warmer months.


As I said, the lid is all about speed. There are several claims listed on Lazer’s website about saved watts and aerodynamics. However, as I can’t ride at 45km/h in a straight line, it’s hard for me to quantify these claims. I can tell you that the lid felt fast and when riding hard it seemed to cut through the air. But, my claims aren’t wind tunnel tested.

The Bullet’s designers have ensured this is one helmet that covers all bases. A pocket inside the front of the lid accommodates LifeBEAM’s neat optical heart rate monitor. Which means no more pesky chest straps as it can take the heart rate directly from your pulse on your noggin’.  The sockets at the rear of the helmet are in place to hold the requisite electronics box with its rechargeable battery and Bluetooth wireless transmitter.


I tend to like a place to put my sunnies when they’re fogging up. However there’s no good place to stash them. The front ports aren’t positioned well so you either need to wear them or clip them onto the back of your jersey – Steve Cummings style.

On the whole, it is a good, fast lid. I like the fact that it can come with MIPS, a protection system that protects the brain. I did find the overall weight a little heavy and it’s a tad bulky, however, if you are ‘all about aero’ then you’d go well with the Lazer Bullet and its adjustable venting.

RRP: $429

Distributor: Shimano NZ

Words & Images: Liam Friary & Cameron Mackenzie

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