Adventure Gear from Lezyne

Well, the cycle industry is certainly expanding into this ‘adventure/bikepacking’ genre. Lezyne, a heavyweight in the industry, are better known for their tools, pumps, lights and GPS units. However, there has obviously been a crew at the Lezyne HQ that have been taking off on multi-day adventures?! The new adventure bags complement Lezyne's current bag range, which it calls 'caddys' and 'organizers'.

Let’s start with the Bar Caddy, which is the front pack. Mounting up before riding into the back blocks the fitting was made super easy. There are adjustable Velcro straps that run around the bar and head tube. It looks small but you can pack quite a few things into the caddy, they just need to be rolled tight. The capacity is 7 litres, so it’s enough for an overnighter or a few days on the road. Bear in mind when packing not to pack out the sides too much, as you need to get it in between your drop bars. Ultimately, this will depend on your bar width. You also need to be mindful of the potential for a bit of bag sag that can rub along your front wheel depending on your bike set up.  Readjusting of where you attach the Velcro straps and changing your packing technique will help this.

The front comes with an external drawcord to hold extra gear. Whilst this is great for holding extra clothing, like a jacket, the cord broke on me after a few days. I fixed it by tying it back together. There’s reflective details and a light mount on the caddy, keeping you safe whilst in the backcountry. It states that the bags are highly water-resistant with a double-sided, roll-type enclosure. They were water resistant but not waterproof, as we found out in a summer storm. I wrapped my clothes in a plastic bag to avoid them getting wet.

The XL Caddy, is the rear pack. The mounting, is again, made easy via the seatpost and saddle-rail. This is what most bikepacking bags use to attach rear packs to the bike without racking systems. It features a roll-type closure for simple loading and compression of gear. Again, reflective details, a light tab and an external drawcord are included. It holds a little more than the Bar Caddy at 7.5 litres. The two packs were ideal companions for a ten day backpacking trip over the summer.


The pull straps are brilliant but they need tightening throughout the ride, as there was some sway from side to side when riding. I believe this could be reduced with a larger strap around the seat post which would make a stronger contact point. About two days into our bikepacking trip down country, I pulled over for a snack and noticed the bag was loose. I pulled on one of the saddle straps and bloody broke it, talk about too much strength?! That was a little disappointing as I needed to create a makeshift strap for the following seven days.

The thing that’s ideal about these packs is that you simply unclip at the end of a day’s ride, then walk inside and empty the contents (normally on the pub hotel room) on the bed. You stay overnight and then pack all your stuff back in. Ah, simple living.

Words & Images: Liam Friary & Cameron Mackenzie

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