Bontrager Velocis Helmet

Bontrager Velocis Helmet

If you’ve been watching Alberto Contador during the Tour you would’ve seen his new lid, along with the rest of the Trek-Segafredo team. This is the new Bontrager Velocis helmet.

The new Velocis is more ‘on-trend’ with new age road helmets. Whilst it’s not an all-out aero model it still offers speed with a more rounded shape. This makes it ideal for everyday use along with turning the screws at the local club race. One of the main differences between the old and new Velocis is that it has fewer vents, 11 in total. However, don’t think the fewer vents hinder airflow as I recently found when escaping our winter.


Back in June, I flew up to Trek’s headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin and hot and humid conditions were the common theme for the week-long visit. The supreme cooling was thanks to each opening being larger than usual, plus deep internal channels to help air pass through.

The pad system – sourced from a Boulder, Colorado-based company called 37.5 Technologies – is designed to allow for sweat to evaporate before the pad gets saturated. It’s difficult to tell how effectively this works; by the end of the hot 130km ride I was definitely a sweaty mess!

I particularly liked the new helmet’s height-adjustable retention system – it cradles the head well without being too bulky. The rear retention system is via a Boa cable system. We have become used to Boa cable systems on shoes so using it for a helmet seems logical. The advantage of this system is that it’s easier to tighten or loosen on the fly. But, it doesn’t need much adjustment when dialled up, as it stays that way throughout your ride.

The lower back end of the helmet is more along the lines of what we see with MTB helmets. Bontrager clearly had safety front of mind when designing this helmet, as the liner extends further down for better coverage, especially around the temples. Of course, the inclusion of MIPS technology is something to be applauded too.

The helmet sits comfortably on my head and I have come to like the easy retention system and the handy sunglasses dock.The great aesthetic, aero benefits, venting and strong emphasis on safety makes this is one lid you should definitely consider. And in the event you unfortunately happen to use the Velocis for its intended purpose in the first year after purchase, Bontrager even offers a free crash replacement guarantee.

RRP: $319.99
Distributior: Trek

Words: Liam Friary
Images: Cameron Mackenzie

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