Winter Solstice: Shortest Day – Longest Ride. Pt. 2

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Our lunch stop was too good, but the challenge was far from over. I looked over at the group and said, “it’s time to ‘rattle our dags’”. There was excitement in the air, but also a slight resentment that we wouldn’t be staying for longer. With that said, we climbed back on our bikes and ventured into the rolling hills again. Speaking of that one hill – it wasn’t far off from the lunch stop and, with my stomach full to the brim from lunch, I hunched over the bike and groveled up the ascent. After a few more inclines we were back tackling the rougher gravel roads. The morale lifted on this section, as it felt like there was a real disconnect from ‘normal society’ out on these roads. Lush limestone stood tall around us as time stood still, as it often does in these remote parts. The smiles and stoke factor were high, even though we’d clicked into our fifth hour of riding. It’s amazing how easily you can distract the mind from the actual task at hand.