Release: Tailfin 5L and 10L Mini Pannier Bags

Tailfin, designer and manufacturer of Technical Bikepacking Equipment, is pleased to announce a new extended range of pannier bags with the release of the 5L and 10L Mini Panniers.

The two new models are intended to complement the existing Tailfin 22L Super Light Pannier and 22L Ultra Durable Panniers. But beyond just being additions to the range the new Mini Panniers have been designed to perform unlike any traditional pannier system. Created strong and secure enough for serious off-road riding, it’s our intention for them to finally put pannier bags back in the running for use on modern bikepacking adventures. Perfect for the pannier sceptic bikepacker worried about the extra volume, weight and performance issues a normal pannier setup brings to the party.

We think well designed pannier bags are an excellent choice for bikepacking, offering some obvious advantages over the usual cage/strap/drybag method of carrying additional kit.

Pannier bags offer easy access to your kit without needing to undo and remove additional straps. Our Mini Panniers fit securely and with complete reliability - no need to keep readjusting straps and ill fitting dry bags. Plus the Mini Panniers will also have a longer life as there are no fixing straps that can wear through precious dry bags when faced with mud and other trail debris.

Tailfin 5L and 10L Mini Panniers Need to Know

● 5 litre and 10 litre capacity respectively.

● Hard and Softgood integration - unlike any other pannier bag on the market resulting in bombproof reliability, stiffness and serviceability.

● Shaped to create a minimal profile, reducing the risk of snagging on tight trails.

● X Clamp mounting hardware is a game changing attachment mechanism:

○ Single lever operated cam that provides an over centred clamping mechanism (NOT just a hook) for zero rattle and perfect fit

○ Principally made up of three CNC machined 6061-T6 alloy components combined with various bushings and pivots

○ Designs is modular and user serviceable in the event of any damage

● Internal CNC machined and lightweight 6061-T6 alloy frame adds stiffness and stability directly inside the bag.

● Ships with two modular T Hook compression straps providing two closure options - roll top or side closure.

● T Hook compression straps can also be used across the front of the bag to attach further luggage or provide extra load compression.

● 100% waterproof welded Hypalon and ripstop nylon construction.

● Compatible with all Tailfin racks including the original T1.

● Additional shims allow mounting to any brand rack, front or rear.

● 5 year, no quibble warranty

● Crash replacement warranty

● Ship parts anywhere in the world service

● Weight: 310g* (SL5), 380g* (SL10). *without optional side straps

● Pricing: 5L - £60/$85/€70, 10L - £80/$110/€95

Game changing mounting hardware and stability

Both Mini Panniers take all the learning we’ve gained from the last 4 years of our 22L Panniers and build on it for increased reliability and performance.

The most important consideration for this new range was to create a pannier system that can provide absolute reliability even when used on trails you would never take a ‘normal’ pannier system on. We wanted them to be stable, light, rattle free, provide dependable reliability, be easy to use and have the ability to service/repair in the field.

Pannier systems have been ignored for modern bikepacking for good reason.

● Traditional pannier internals are flexible so the contents wobble and move around as the bike goes over every bump on the trail

● Load distribution using a traditional style rack and pannier can negatively impact the handling and ride experience.

● Traditional panniers don’t ‘clamp’ onto racks, they merely ‘hook’. This introduces points of wear for both bag mechanism and rack tubing as tolerances are not as critical as with a clamping mechanism

● Traditional pannier systems are noisy. Riding on anything other than smooth tarmac can result in a rattle filled ride.

How to make pannier bags suitable for modern bikepacking