Cobbled Classics Opening Weekend 2018 (part 2)

The title Spring Classics is a bit misleading. Have no doubt about it, Northern Europe is still in the grips of winter--with temperatures in single figures and the landscape devoid of any greenery, over both days a bitterly cold wind blew, all set against the backdrop of a crystal clear blue sky. With many riders coming from warm weather training or racing in the Middle East, it was a shock to the system, reflected in some performances. A hardy crowd lined the route, not Tour of Flanders or Roubaix size crowds, but a respectable turnout, with a knowledge and passion for the Flanders Classics, cutting back and forth across the route using the maze of country lanes that criss cross this area of Belgium, trying to catch the peloton as many times as possible.

NZCJ was on hand to photograph the experience. 

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