Words: Liam Friary
Images: Cameron Mackenzie
RRP: (HiPER Lens) $335.00
Distributor: FE Sports

Sunnies are a must on the bike, the street and, frankly, whenever you’re outside – especially in our super strong sun. It’s important to ensure your eyes stay protected at all times. Large-framed glasses are getting really popular, and the S3 is a great example of why the increase in size is great for cycling. I’ve been using these ‘sunnies’ for a while now, in a mixture of conditions. The coverage they give protects the eyes very well from rain, dirt and road spray.

The S3 has a half-frame design, but there’s an extended nose piece which wraps further around the bottom of the lenses. This adds a bit of stability and also incorporates a couple of vents to push air up behind the lenses. So, there may be some other, wider sunnies out there, but the S3’s lenses flare out from underneath. This means they don’t feel too wide on the face, and stay out of your peripheral vision. The arms have just enough flex to really latch onto your head, without feeling too tight.

Speaking of peripheral vision – I’ve found it simply superb. With the larger size comes increased protection, and the S3 lens does a great job of keeping out the elements. It’s doesn’t happen often but, sometimes, they’ve tended to steam up when nearing the top of a climb or when I’m stopped in cold conditions. However, they do clear pretty quickly as soon as you’re rolling again. I’ve liked the extra lens coverage and have found myself rocking these sunnies often. Despite the extra coverage, there is no increase in bulkiness. They S3’s have got a ton of style – which is what it’s all about really, right?!

These glasses came with 100%’s HiPER lens, which helps draw out contrast so you can see road obstacles better. I reckon this is a worthy upgrade. On multiple rides across road, gravel and trail, the lenses do a great job at highlighting cracks and divots. Put simply, they pop more. Transitioning from light to shadow also presented less of a problem with the HiPER lens – something that is experienced often when riding in our native bush.

The aesthetics of these sunnies are en point in terms of modern trends and wider shades. They’re super comfortable and light and the lenses draw out contrasts beautifully. I liked that the extra coverage didn’t change the full-frame design but, above all, these have protected my eyes from the harsh rays of the New Zealand sun, whilst assisting with spotting road surface changes.

These are a great pair of sunnies which will be on high rotation over summer.