Distributor: Worralls
RRP: $109
Words: Liam Friary

A light, or torch is a must-have item when embarking on any type of adventure. As we’ve been doing a few more trips that entail huts or camping it’s become an essential product. It’s one of those things that could be overlooked, as most will have bike lights, but trust me, they don’t do the same job. When you’re out in the wilderness it gets bloody dark quickly, and you want to be able to see! More importantly you want to be able to see hand-free. So, a bike light will work but it’s annoying to hold. That’s where the Outpost Bike and Camp Light comes in, it’s designed with bikepacking in mind, the Outpost is as versatile as bike lights come.

It simply attaches to the handlebars, similar to do any other light, with a rear rubber strap. But the key difference is that it has a retractable drawstring turns the Outpost into a headlamp. The rear handlebar clip can be taken off, it’s replaced by a belt clip, which also makes it sits flush against your forehead. Another nifty feature is that the Outpost can also sit on a table and serve as a camp lamp. This is thanks to the to a nifty built-in silicon shade. In terms of lumens, it’s brilliant for riding in low-light conditions, which is common in our homeland, it offers 400 lumens of illumination. So, you don’t piss of your buddies at the campsite it can be dimmed to 100 lumens to avoid blinding em’.

I’ve used this on my last few bikepacking camping trips. I’ve really liked the versatility from bike to camp. It’s no stress to have it attached to the handlebars on bike. To be honest, on all of my adventure trips, I take a light now. I’ve been caught out a few times, in low-light and in darkness when the day doesn’t go your way, or you start to late. So, a light like the Outpost is ideal, with enough lumens to see what’s in front. Or, when fixing a presky flat on the side of the road when it’s dusk. At the campsite, it sits on a table well and if you want to use it to focus on what your cooking, tent erecting or whiskey drinking it just wraps round ya’ head. The retractable drawstring turns the Outpost into a headlamp, it works well most of the time but isn’t always the easiest to retract, all the way. The drawcord is super rad for versatility, and being lightweight, but doesn’t give a ton of confidence when mounted to your head, as the cords only small. Something more secure would be a true headlamp, but then again, you’d have to take it with you. Oh, but I like that it’s charged using a micro-USB.