Granite Design are pleased to announce the launch of the Aux Cage, an innovative new bottle cage for riders of all disciplines.

The Aux Bottle Cage is the answer to your “why can’t I fit a bottle cage on my bike?!” prayers. Whether you’re looking to carry an extra bottle or your bike simply doesn’t have bosses, AUX will strap a top-quality, safe and secure side-loading cage to your frame so you’ll never go thirsty again.

The AUX kit includes a lightweight, side-loading cage that’s designed to work with tight-fit frames and is made from super-tough Carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics with a stealthy matt finish.

The really smart bit is the AUX Strap Kit, which includes everything you need to attach the cage to almost any bike frame in almost any location. The Kit uses silicone coated hook-and-loop straps and grippy rubber pads for a rock-solid fit that won’t leave your bottle on the trails. Whether you’re adding a water-bottle to your full suspension MTB or a means of carrying your stove fuel on your adventure bike, Aux is has you covered.

The AUX Bottle Cage and Strap Kit is available as a complete kit for $27.99USD and the cage is available separately for $20.99 USD. AUX Bottle Cage (Cage Only).

Learn more about the Granite Design Aux Cage here.