Hitting the lanes without much of a worry of what the surface is like and knowing that you have plenty of speed on tap, without sacrificing riding comfort is one of the holy grails of road riding. Based on this shopping list of attributes and the hugely popular and highly regarded SCULTURA platform, we have created the all-new SCULTURA ENDURANCE.

We are excited to add this new bike to the MERIDA range and firmly close the gap between the MISSION CX and SILEX on the more off-road orientated side and our two dedicated ‘road race’ bikes the REACTO and the SCULTURA on the other. The SCULTURA ENDURANCE offers the more leisure-focused cyclist a capable and fun choice in the MERIDA road bike range.

The new SCULTURA ENDURANCE brings a long list of features to the table, which underline its comfort orientation and the built-in versatility.

The newly designed and constructed SCULTURA ENDURANCE frame offers an updated geometry which suits the needs of a long-distance, comfort-orientated rider perfectly. A more upright riding position due to the longer head tube and the ability to fit slick tyres of up to 35 mm give the ENDURANCE a more comfortable ride as well as provide additional control in case the roads get rougher or more challenging. A slacker head tube angle and a slightly longer wheelbase, in combination with the wider tyres, make the bike more stable and safer at speed.

On top of that, specific areas in the chain and seat stays have a distinct profile that works like a leaf spring and enhance the natural compliance of the frame material. It helps to add further comfort to the rear end of the bike as well as reduce vibrations.

The SCULTURA ENDURANCE also ‘borrows’ features which we normally see on the more aero-focused bikes, like the newly designed ‘Wire Port’ headset that allows for a sleeker cable integration at the front end of the bike as well as a hidden seat post clamp that helps to keep lines smooth and uninterrupted as well as reduce turbulence around crucial parts of the bike.

As well as being a comfort-orientated road endurance bike, the SCULTURA ENDURANCE leads itself towards being the perfect winter training bike or fast commuter. All MERIDA SCULTURA ENDURANCE models have the ability to add mudguards, making them more versatile, particularly when used as a training or commuting bike. The removable seat stay bridge stays in place to securely hold the rear mudguard or can be removed for a cleaner look and improved tyre clearance.

We will hope to get our hands on one for review shortly – stay tuned.

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