Today, Trek released an all-new Émonda with aerodynamic tube shaping. It’s a major performance upgrade for the platform, and it makes Trek’s lightest climbing bike faster than ever, while still keeping the frame weight under 700 g.

Too often aero frame shapes are heavy and ride poorly. After over two years of development, and the creation of Trek’s lightest OCLV Carbon lay-up ever, Trek engineers have found the perfect balance of speed and light weight, all while maintaining the amazing ride quality that Émonda is famous for.

Available in both an SL and SLR version, the all-new aero Émonda is proven to be faster on flats and climbs alike.

Émonda SLR

The all-new Émonda SLR is the bike of choice for Trek-Segafredo climbers. In fact, racer Lizzie Deignan deemed it ‘the best bike I have ever ridden’.

It’s made of all-new 800 Series OCLV Carbon, weighs less than 700 grams and delivers significant speed advantages thanks to its aerodynamic design. Compared to its predecessor, Émonda SLR is 60 seconds faster per hour faster on flats and 18 seconds per hour faster at an 8% grade.

800 Series OCLV Carbon

800 Series OCLV Carbon is Trek’s lightest and highest-performing carbon lay-up to date. It’s 30% stronger than previous OCLV Carbon laminates, yet just as stiff, allowing Trek engineers to create the Émonda SLR’s aero shapes without adding a lot of weight.

Émonda SL

The Émonda SL features the same fast aero tube shaping as Émonda SLR, but it’s made from lightweight 500 Series OCLV Carbon. Riders will enjoy both the gains in speed and lower price-point Émonda SL provides.

Speedy design details

The all-new Émonda models have hidden cable routing, most come with new aerodynamic Aeolus wheels and the Émonda SLR comes with an Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem that was purpose-built for it. Plus, the Émonda’s H1.5 geometry, developed with the Trek-Segafredo pro cycling team, puts the rider in the optimal aero race position.

Available in Project One

The Émonda SLR is also available for customisation in Project One, Trek’s custom bike programme, giving riders the chance to create the bike of their dreams.

A few days back we landed the Émonda, we’ll have it under review shortly. Stay tuned for a more in-depth article about the bike, ride quality and it’s overall performance. The new Émonda SL and Émonda SLR are available immediately through Trek’s wide local retail partners and you can find more over on Trek.