Words: Logan Griffin
Image: Pirelli
Distributor: FE Sports

Very impressed with the presentation and packaging. You know you’re about to use a premium product, no nasty plastic strap but a nice rubber one (throwback to the iconic live strong band). I also really appreciated the inclusion of well thought out and modern pressure recommendations as well as WAM and RAM info on the packaging. The latter will be very helpful trying to fit the largest tyre than can into an older rim brake bike. This is another great idea of Gerard Vroomen and one I hope catches on with more manufacturers, especially when we start talking gravel tyres.

Install was clean and easy, personally, I’m on team ‘tube inside’ for any tyre under 32mm and if clinchers and latex tubes are good enough for Asgreen at Flanders they’re good enough for me. When inflated on my 21mm internal rims WAM was spot on at 29mm. I initially went for 85psi for a direct comparison with my last set of 28mm tyres (from another prominent motorsport tire supplier) but have since dropped to the recommended 81psi.

The first thing you notice when riding them is how quiet they are, I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a tyre that takes away almost all road noise, on a smooth road it’s almost ghostly how little noise they make. On some rougher roads out west, they make noise but even with a deep section carbon rim, they’re by far the quietest tyre I’ve ridden. There’s also no mistaking they are fast. Whilst I’m still mustering up the courage to throw them into some corners like an F1 driver (all on Pirelli) grip seems good in the dry at least. The compound feels soft to the touch so wear may be an issue but only time will tell there.