Story: Discovering the Nooks and Crannies of Pelorus


Lately, I’ve been searching for riding destinations that are off the grid. This slight obsession has me hyped up at night as my mind and mouse hunt for the nooks and crannies of our stunning shores. This trip came about quickly, well actually a few weeks before we printed this issue, so the timing was super tight! However, the brief was simple; pick a location that is epic and southern. Pelorus Sounds is a small peninsula that lingers off the top of the South Island - a destination just waiting to be explored. I was also tipped off by an insider who lives in Nelson that there were some the stunning gravel roads to be found too. I was sold!

To make this this destination even more special, the journey out to the peninsula was going to be up and over some high alpine tracks. We would then explore the coastline by winding our way to the top of the peninsula via the historic Pelorus Mailboat. Indeed, all the elements to make for an amazing journey. There are many ways to travel through this part of the world but for us it was going to be bike – of course.