Distributed by Oakley
Reviewed by Liam Friary

There’s no doubt that ‘sunnies’ are one of the best additions to your cycling kit. And as you probably know they keep the sun’s harmful rays out but perhaps more importantly they evoke your style. With a plethora of shades out there, Oakley is one of the most recognised sunglasses brand, full stop. With that accolade that don’t just rest on their laurels they continue to innovate and always pay homage to the past.

Oakley’s Radar eyewear represents what the brand has learned from their decades in the game. And perhaps more importantly the constant feedback from their top-class athletes who are always on their roster. I’ve had a few pairs of Oakley’s over the years and have always found them to be a lightweight and durable option for keeping the sun’s harmful rays out. And, in my humble opinion they look damn good. So, naturally I was eager to try a new pair. The Radar EV Path Shift Collection turned up on my doorstep and like a kid on Christmas day, I couldn’t wait to unwrap the courier package. The hard case that they come in is practical and subtly states ‘O’ on the top of it. The Radar EV Path is an evolution of the OG (original) Radar. They have been updated but remain true to their traditional style. The ‘EV’ stands for ‘extended vision’ and the ‘Path’ refers to the lens shape which has a concave shape. The updates are basically more top lens coverage, better ventilation and last but certainly not least the incredible ‘Prizm’ lens. This makes them ideal for riding of any description in fact any outdoor pursuit really.

The fit is super comfortable. They don’t irritate or rub and remain in place even after hours in the saddle often over harsh terrain. The arms do have length as opposed to other brands out there, but they didn’t cause me any drama. The lens is large and offers great coverage but isn’t over the top which again keeps things classic with the subtle style we’ve come to know and love from the brand. In fact, the ‘EV’ (extended vision) means you can have your head down in a tucked position and still see through ‘em.

The Oakley optics are second to none and these shades are excellent in that regard. The pair I had for testing came with the Prizm lens which is designed to enhance contrast on road and trail. There’s heaps of different Prizm lenses available for various conditions and light transmissions. I tested the grey lens which were great for our ever changing conditions and riding at the start and end of the day. The lens has four very small vents at the top which aims to stop them from fogging. However, in practice during our very warm and humid summer they did fog up – especially when doing an effort up a climb. But they do clear very quickly. The frame is made from what Oakley calls O Matter which is basically nylon-infused plastic while the nose-pads and the covering used on the arms are a material dubbed Unobtainium. It’s a hydrophilic rubber that feels tackier when it gets damp. And in the hot humid sweaty days when I was dripping, they didn’t slip at all.

These shades have been on high rotation both on and off the bike over the past few months. I like them for riding and basically doing any activity in the outdoors. They have a high level of comfort and the wrap-around design is great. They’re lightweight and almost feel like you’re not wearing them which in my opinion says a lot! But the lens is what makes them really stand out, well actually they make the objects in front of you stand out. For me, the lens have performed well in a large variety of light conditions. Above all they’re a fly pair of shades that have supreme optics.