You might of read about some of Freddie, Arthur, Sean and Tim’s tales in our journal, but now you can read about their entire trip in Freddie’s newly released book. Find out more below:

“Four Kiwis embark on an epic journey to discover the world and themselves.

They overcome injury, illness, heartbreak, their own fears and self-doubt.

Freddie Gillies, his brother Arthur (currently competing in The Block NZ) and their friends Sean and Tim take on the biking adventure of a lifetime.

Starting at Auckland Airport, the group of young Kiwis set out on a one-of-a-kind journey. Fourteen months later, they had cycled 23,000 kilometres, from Bali to Buckingham Palace, across more than 20 countries and through some of the most exotic parts of the world.

They battled extreme heat, sub-zero temperatures, culture shock and loneliness as they pushed their bodies to their limits. It was the time of their lives.

Packed with stunning photography by Sean Wakely, The Big Bike Trip is an inspirational account of Kiwi perseverance, self-discovery, friendship and turning your dreams into reality. This book celebrates the Kiwi spirit of searching the globe and chasing dreams.”