Alps 2 Ocean - Trail Notes Pt. 2

The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is a 300km, mostly-off-road, cycling route which travels from the slopes of our highest mountain, Aoraki/Mount Cook, right down to the Pacific Ocean at Ōamaru. It passes through myriad dramatic landscapes, traverses a few of the most iconic southern locations and calls into some of the finest gems our country has to offer – where the people are also a real highlight. As the seasons switched from winter to spring, we headed south for this journey, but the grip of winter hadn’t left yet.

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Ōhau – the adventure around Ōhau Weir was fun and flowy; the trail hugs the shores of Lake Ōhau. The views are splendid – the Ben Ōhau range soars high out of the lake and Aoraki/Mt Cook stands sentry in the distance, watching over the northern end of the lake. The mountains had a fresh dusting of snow on them, which reminded us that we were at the mercy of whatever weather they could throw at us. As we rolled into Ōhau, we experienced its unique charm and tree lined streets replicating scenes from an American mountain town.